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Chemical facial peels aim to remove dead skin cells from the skins surface to allow new healthy skin cells to grow back quicker creating smoother looking skin.

They can be used to treat blemishes, scars, acne,pigmentationand help reduce the signs of ageing. 

A trained practitioner will discuss the most suitable peel to achieve the results you want as part of your personalised treatment plan. 

It provides an accelerated form of exfoliation to revitalise skin tone and improve texture.

It can help to reduce acne scarring, reverse skin damage, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, remove hyper pigmentation, liver spots and other signs of ageing

A targeted treatment with skincare range to compliment.



Laughing, smiling, frowning and life style factors all contribute to the development of facial lines and wrinkles.  Among one of the most popular cosmetic treatments, Botox® is extremely effective at reducing and/or preventing crow’s feet, and wrinkles between the brows and forehead. The tiny injections are administered in the require areas with little discomfort and the entire process takes approximately 15 minutes with no recovery time needed. 

The effects can last up to 4 months. prescription medication specifically for you.


Lip fillers can be used to give you youthful looking plump lips and can creat a more defined smile, make thinner lips fuller and help restore natural fullness and create beautifully shaped lips. Lip augmentation also available to change and enahnce the lip shape.

Dermal fillers such as  Juvederm are used as an effective treatment for deep lines and wrinkles, fill hollows and smooth the contours of the face. Anti ageing fillers are the non surgical way to achieve younger looking skin and provide volume for tired lines and wrinkles.

Depending on the type and amount of filler used, results can last from 6 months to 18 months.

A hyaluronic gel which naturally occurs in the skin is used in treating moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. It is one of the most studied and used products in cosmetic treatments today, meeting medical safety standards and providing optimal results.  It can be used on numerous areas to achieve full lips as well as nose to mouth fillers, smokers lines and down turned mouth areas.


                                    SERVICES AVAILABLE

                             Anti wrinkle injections from £140 to £180
                                          Fillers from £180  

                          Skin needling from £40 (course available)
                                     Peels £55 (course available)

                                     Lip enhancement from £120

                       8 point lift procedure from £440 (2x1ml syringes)

                                       Underarm sweating £240

                                Cheek enhancement from £240


                         Packages available for multiple treatments

                                        Gift vouchers available


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